Updates and information from Robosane

Robosane has officially decided to deprecate our gameplay design and administration assistance for Minecraft services.

Any existing clients hosting Minecraft servers are unaffected, however we won’t be assisting new clients in designing and administrating their own Minecraft servers. We can still provide managed hosting, but clients will have to configure and maintain their Minecraft servers themselves.

We mulled over this issue for awhile, and as a community we aren’t happy with the direction that Microsoft has taken the game. It saddens us because Minecraft was fundamental in the growth of our community early on and was the first major game in which we had regular activity.

Our community server systems (hardware) have been migrated to a new physical location with improved internet connectivity!

In short, this means we’re finally able to spin up older / less popular games again, and hopefully we’ll be adding some new public servers in the near future.

With plenty of bandwidth to spare now and a symmetric connection we plan to take additional requests for new servers to run.

You may have noticed our website has changed!

Of course, there are reasons behind this! (Who would’ve guessed?)

First is that we are disconnecting our server hosting management from this site. This site will only be for news, information, and community postings.

As we continue to develop our server administration dashboard we’ve decided that Joomla is not an ideal authentication method, and since there’s not much benefit to maintaining a dynamic CMS for a website which we don’t even update that often we’re just replacing the whole site.

Hi all,

I am voluntarily de ranking to moderator because I don’t have the time/desire to fufill administrative duties.

If you have any issues with someone else, or you have dev related stuff for me to pass on to our humble administrator, let me know!